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The Truth About Your Annual Medical Check-Up

Westland Michigan Medical Check-Up

The truth about the annual medical check-up is that yes, it is important. A lot of individuals prefer to skip annual tests because they say they feel just fine and don’t want to spend for unnecessary tests.

However, this can be dangerous. You might seem in the pink of health now, but how will you know how healthy you’ll feel in a couple of years? The annual medical check-up is not only the most effective way to prevent health complications; it also proves to be the only cure for ignorance.

The benefits of taking annual health exams

Aside from primary prevention, here are several benefits from taking the annual health check-up:

  • You identify risk symptoms of common chronic diseases and you can solve issues before they even start.
  • You can detect problems early, when your chances for treatment are higher.
  • You can keep an updated file of all your medical exams so you have a history about what’s going on in your body. This documentation is helpful for future use.
  • You can provide counsel to your own family and friends about the importance of knowing how your body is doing.
  • You create a closer relationship with your doctor.
  • By getting all the right tests, screenings, and exams, you are taking a step further in living a longer and happier life.

It is also up to your doctor to schedule your next exam. If he or she believes that you are in relatively good health, you can come back after two years. However, without any previous history, who knows when you’ll need to perform a check-up? So the sooner you can get the medical exams done, the better.

What’s in the exam?

Here are some of the most common tests done during your annual medical check-up. Remember that the exams will only be as effective as the answers you give, so be sure to answer as honestly as possible when your doctor interviews you.

Vital signs – Your doctor will start by checking your blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, and body temperature. From here, your doctor will be able to tell if something is out of the ordinary, and you can proceed to do more investigative tests after that.

General well-being – Your doctor can gauge if something is wrong just from your general appearance, the health of your skin, and your ability to answer questions and narrate other answers with mental quickness. Your doctor will also be able to point out if you’re slurring or experiencing some memory gaps when you talk.

Heart exam – Just listening to your heart with a stethoscope can reveal if there are irregularities or strange noises in your heartbeat. From here, you can proceed to take more investigative exams depending on the results.

Lung exam – Again, just listening to your lungs with a stethoscope can reveal if there are crackles or wheezes when you breathe. These sounds could reveal signs of abnormalities.

Head and neck exam – Opening your mouth to say “ahh” can let your doctor check the state of your throat, tonsils, and mouth. Your ears, nose, eyes, as well as the lymph nodes and the blood vessels in your neck will also be examined.

Abdominal exam – Your doctor will tap around your abdomen to check the size of your liver and the presence of any abdominal fluid in the area. Your doctor will also feel around for palpitations and tenderness that signify possible problem areas.

Neurological exam – This part will test your nerves, strength, balance, reflexes and overall mental state.

Extremities exam ¬– Your pulses and responses of your arms and legs will be checked for problems.

Additional exams for males – The annual exam for males include a testicular exam, a hernia exam, a prostrate exam, and a general penis exam.

Additional exams for females – The medical check-up for females include a breast exam and a pelvic exam, also known as a pap smear.

All these medical tests will assess the general state of all the parts of your body, and they can help identify what immediate courses of action need to be taken for you to be in optimal health.

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